The Crimson Armada Drop Off Of Tour

the crimson armada

The Crimson Armada are saddened to announce that they have officially dropped off of tour with Vanna and The Chariot. The band have explained in their statement below that family circumstances have pulled them away. We don’t blame them because we would would end up doing the same thing.

You never want to hear of instances like this but hopefully all goes well for TCA. The Greenery has now joined the tour as the band’s replacement.

The Crimson Armada stated:
“We regret to inform everyone that due to a family emergency within a member of the TCA family,” says the band. “We will no longer be apart of the Vanna/The Chariot tour. We’re on our way home now and to those who personally know us, you know that family comes before anything that we do and in this case it’s imperative that we put family first. We apologize to all of our fans and the bands on the tour. We’ll be back very soon!”

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