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This week, Angie puts a spotlight on the Sklar Brothers and his latest release, Hendersons and Daughters. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

After months of putting it off, I’ve finally gotten around to listening to the Sklar Brothers newest CD, Hendersons and Daughters, which was released earlier this year in April – not necessarily because I’m not a fan, but more so because whenever I think of the Sklars, I can’t get past their stint on Battlebots.

I also wasn’t sure if I could get past the concept of twins performing stand-up comedy together – but the Sklars manage to pull it off.  Hendersons and Daughters feels less like your typical comedy show and more like the conversations that ensue following some pot-smoking – the brothers build off of each other, with one telling a joke and the other keeping the joke going (or simply repeating what the other had just said, almost as if to assure the audience of its humor).

“Kim Kardashian came up with a perfume,” Randy states. “We haven’t smelled Kim Kardashian’s perfume but I’m guessing that it smells like no talent, red bull with a hint of anal penetration.”

“Just an essence of balls,” quips Jason.

While the brothers do entertain, it certainly doesn’t prove to necessarily be stand-out performances, leaving me to wonder how each would fare performing alone. In a way, the concept of the brothers performing together merely serves as a safety net – instead of a comic being alone on stage, solely responsible for the audience’s entertainment, they have each other to rely on – and to lean on, if necessary.

“Here’s how amazing the search engine Google is – if you just type in woman who had face-“ starts one brother.

“That’s it!” the other chimes in, like one half of a used car sales team trying to make a sale.

The Sklars’ style does work for some of the material they have, however, especially when talking about their family (obviously), but also in other aspects:

“You guys are so awesome,” Randy tells the audience at the end of the show. “By the way, after the show we’ll be selling CDs.”

“Not our comedy CDs,” quips Jason.

“Just a bunch of shitty Creed CDs we gotta get rid of,” finishes Randy.

Hendersons and Daughters is a fast-paced hour-ish of enjoyable comedy (if you can stand to hear two alternating, yet identical voices without being able to see which twin is speaking) that should be placed somewhere in your top 20 comedy CDs of the year – maybe not towards the top, but it’s worth a listen. Pick it up today over at iTunes – and try to keep up.

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