Five Iron Frenzy Return, Release New Song, And Raise $30,000 Via Kickstarter In Under An Hour


Travelling kept UTG from bringing you the news Five Iron Frenzy promised to release yesterday, but the delay has allowed us to better tell you the story.

Last night, fans eagerly waited online for a long-due announcement from defunct ska band Five Iron Frenzy. When the time came, the group released a new song entitled “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night” (stream below) and announced plans to release a new record in 2013 (yes, 2013). To fund the record, FIF turned to fans and in hopes of raising $30,000. What followed next is truly amazing.

In only 55 minutes, fans of FIF were able to raise the ENTIRE $30,000. Since then, fans have continued donating and as of this post have raised over $79,000. No word on how the extra cash will be spent. Our fingers are crossed that it not only leads to a tour, but a sooner album release as well.

The world has been a sad, lonely place without Five Iron Frenzy and these numbers prove we are not the only audiophiles that think so. Click through, stream the new song, and click here to help bring possibly the greatest ska band to walk this Earth back to life!

James Shotwell

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  • Actually, the word on how the extra money will be spent is listed right on the Kickstarter website:

    “Every dollar we raise over $30,000 will be used for such things as
    promotion of the album once it’s released because we think it would be
    great to have this album reach as many people as possible! Additional
    funds could also enable us to play some shows, because yes, we would
    love to play shows”