Emarosa Detail Writing Process

Emarosa 2011

Remember when Jonny Craig got kicked out of Emarosa? So do we. Since then, the Emarosa camp have been relatively hush hush regarding writing and recording processes from their upcoming effort.

Band member Jonas Ladekjaer has opened up a bit about having some time away to prepare new material, expand as musicians and the future as well. UTG will keep you posted on all things Emarosa as they unfold.

We can all expect an Emarosa release, via Rise Records, in the summer so get ready!

Read the statement from Jonas right here:
“I’ve viewed the writing of this album as kind of a golden opportunity for us as a band. In light of what happened earlier in 2011, we are left with what we have decided to consider a clean slate, and it’s a lot of fun to be writing a record with complete freedom and the kind of honesty that’s come with that. Even more so because none of us really know how the finished product will turn out, except that it will sound like us, and represent Emarosa better as musicians and people than any previous record has. It’s a new experience for us it will be a new experience for the people that have followed Emarosa in the past, and we can’t wait to get on the road and share it with everyone.”

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