Horror Film “Old 37” Seeks Funding


The upcoming horror film Old 37 is looking for a little bit of financial assistance in helping finalize preproduction and we would be grateful if you lent them a hand (or rather, a dollar).

What is Old 37? Good question. According to the synopsis on IndieGoGo:

Darryl and Jon Roy intercept 911 calls in an old blood-soaked ambulance disguised as paramedics to rid the streets of careless teen drivers.

Lonley girl Amy is struggling with her own identity crisis: go to college and leave her high school crush behind, or say screw it and do what ever it takes to get him. After the death of a close friend opens her eyes, Amy realizes what she must do.

Worlds collide after Amy steals her neighbor’s boyfriend Jason. His past mistakes put Amy face to face with Darryl and Jon Roy and lands her in the back of OLD 37 for the ride of her life.

Amy always wanted her neighbor’s life, now she’s going to get her neighbor’s fate.

If you ask us, this film sounds freaking fantastic and we want to make sure it gets made sooner than later. If you are at all a horror fan, movie lover, or even like cinema in the slightest and have a few bucks to spare, PLEASE click here and support indie film!

James Shotwell

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