MUSIC VIDEO: All Time Low – Time Bomb

All Time Low

All Time Low have released the visuals for the single “Time Bomb” and can be viewed right here. The song comes off of the group’s most recent effort Dirty Work via Hopeless Records.

The music video takes place in some industrial building, with the lead character trying to fashion a pacemaker device for his significant other. You know who did this also… Iron Man. Except the heart was for Tony Stark, not some random girl. As he is trying to get the device over to the girl ATL casually performs in their video while cops chase and try to shoot them.

This is truly a lost attempt to try and make something old, new again. Nice try but it just didn’t end up fulfilling my expectations of a well-made video.

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  • Christianescano15

    this song is awesome !

  • Livvy4321

    hello that video was amazing