Spotify Announcements


Today, Spotify held a press conference in New York to reveal their upcoming plans for their rising star of the music streaming world. Rumors and speculation have been circulating for weeks of what is to come including a possible store or API. We are now getting answers. You can follow updates in real time here or read our wrap up below.

Spotify creator Daniel Ek began the conference by addressing piracy and Spotify’s goal to abolish it and give a legal alternative. “Sweden is famous for Pirate Bay and Kazaa. Piracy was rampant. But then we came along.” This is not an easy feat, but with the 7 million new users joining Spotify since their integration with Facebook, we can’t rule out the possibility of success.

Moving forward, Ek explains that Spotify will now integrate apps into Spotify, making more instant social sharing possible. This will come to be with the release of Spotify’s now public API. Prepare your clickers readers. There is going to be a massive wave of new applications for desktop, web, and mobile crashing through your native app stores very soon.

One upcoming integration is an in-app Rolling Stone page, suggesting new music with links to reviews and ratings. The services listed above is only a small taste of what’s to come. Now, you will be able to find and buy concert tickets, view lyrics, and track your favorite artists all from one application. Consolidation in almost every aspect of music entertainment is now here. Spotify is taking the industry by the balls on this one.

We’ll be updating this page as the news comes out. Do you use Spotify? If not, will you now?

Jacob Tender

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