Tuesday, November 29, I arrived at Peabody’s in Cleveland ready for a night packed with a whole lot of talent.  The Wake Up Tour, which consists of New Years Day, Hell or Highwater, Madina Lake, and Me Talk Pretty, were all set to grace the stage.  Despite a lower than normal turnout, every single band made this show extra special and personal for those in attendance.  Between the music, interaction with the bands, and high energy performances, it was a memorable night for all.

One of my personal favorites on this tour, New Years Day, took the stage after a few openers.  This band never disappoints, and not only do they put on a terrific show onstage, but they take time to connect with their fans offstage as well.  Before their set, Ashley Costello (vocals) & the boys were all over the venue, talking with fans, singing and dancing amongst the crowd; there is no shortage of genuine kindness from this band.  They rocked out their set, covered the fans in their signature fake blood, and played hits off My Dear and The Mechanical Heart.

Next was Hell or Highwater, Brandon Saller’s side project during Atreyu’s hiatus.  Checking out their music has been on my To Do List ever since seeing this interview with Under The Gun’s good friend, Robert Herrera, for Punk Videos Rock.  Hell or Highwater exceeded my expectations, and Brandon’s stage presence is in true rocker form, hanging off the side of the stage, singing on the floor, lifting up the drummer’s cymbals, raising the mic stand, and proclaiming, “I need you to sing with me! Whether it’s five, fifty-five, or 55,000 in here tonight, our voices sound good together!”  They played songs from their new album, Begin Again, which was released on August 9th.

Second to last in the lineup was Madina Lake, who was at Peabody’s recently for their World War III Tour.  This time around we had the onstage addition of their personalized “Madina Lake” lights, which warmed up the otherwise freezing venue.  Nathan (vocals) rocked out barefoot in typical Nathan-fashion, and with a guitarist filling in, they still did a phenomenal job, especially with hits such as “Superstar” and “Imagineer” that got the crowd moving.

Last was headliner Me Talk Pretty, with Uliana (vocals) introducing the band and setting the mood.  Her effervescent presence and fun style take the band to new levels as she sang her heart out amidst a wide range of notes.  They sang hits such as “Wake Up” while Uliana danced around, twirling her pink hair, and the band rocked out.  Mid-set they brought out a piano, which the band intends to donate to the fans’ charity of choice at the end of the tour.  Check out photos from the Wake Up Tour below!

New Years Day

Hell Or Highwater

Madina Lake

Me Talk Pretty

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