STREAM: Glee Covers fun.’s “We Are Young”

Fun single artwork

You know you have reached the highest echelon of pop adoration when Glee covers your latest single. For fun., that day is today.

On tonight’s episode of the Fox series, members of the Glee cast will perform a vocal-choir-tastic rendition of fun.’s “We Are Young.” Those who cannot wait or simply do not wish to watch the entire show can stream the performance after the jump.

Fun have been hard at work in 2011, but it looks like 2012 will be an entirely different monster altogether. We are predicting global takeover, but what about you? Comment below and let us know how excited you are for the return of fun. in 2012!

James Shotwell

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  • Rmjp30

    Great Song!

  • AJR

    ruined :(

  • Gemma

    This song is beautiful, like your first experiences as an adult, that first time you truly do what you want to do, and Glee just ruined it for me. I got chills and a reminiscent feeling the first time I heard this song by Fun and I didn’t get that from the Glee cast. Just a cheap imitation like those bad drug store copies of your favorite perfume.

  • Mike

    fun. sings this and I get chills. 
    Glee sings it and I skip to the end.

  • Lowercaseletters

    Sadly, I was a fun-atic but every girl has standards. It breaks my heart a little to know that I can’t watch them live again without a glee-tastic room full of tweens in bowties talking about this episode.