STREAM: Gonzo (Christofer Drew) – Light Speed


The electronica side project of Never Shout Never mastermind Christofer Drew just released another brand new track.

Entitled “Light Speed,” this song comes less than a day after Drew and cohorts posted “Digitaleyes” and continues the trippy, melancholy tones of the other material. You can stream it for yourself, after the jump.

Christofer Drew is definitely not one to shy from exploring new genres, but is Gonzo something you want to hear more from? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this new project.

[soundcloud url=”″]

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  • Naomi Rose

    yes, i love it already, chris is amazing at what he does and he always sounds great no matter what. i cant wait to hear more! :D

  • Isa_____s2

    i think u are cute. Keep secret. (((= 

  • i love it ♥

  • Annamarieclarke5

    I want more of this, please :)

  • Gabiehh Ingle

    Yes I want to hear their beats.they are AMAZING<3 Christofer Drew inspire me so much:D

  • yes gonzo is the best shit when you on the fix. (ecstasy) keep it up homie 
    follow me @stonedirtyhippy:twitter 

  • chris is GOD

  • Lillay11

    Heck yes! Chris and Ben are extremely talented GENIUSES! Gonzo is my ending decision that Christofer Drew Ingle can do no wrong. Ever. He could even start rapping or opera singing and still be amazing at it. I’m so serious too.

  • StephySky

    I know a lot of fans will be like, “oh it’s Christofer Drew it’s good!” but I love Christofer Drew his music has help me through so much, but I would say that this need a little bit of more work.

  • Evriean

    It’s awesome! :D I love Christofer Drew <3

  • Christ Ingle

    love it xD

  • Natalie

    I think this album is going to turn out really good. its an amazing experience if you listen to it stoned. Even sober, its mindblowing.

  • MariaJoseTolosaL

    i like it, greetings from Venezuela(Latin America)

  • Just passing through

    Yeah sure it’s great when ur high… But honestly my opinion is dub step is a shitty ass genre otherwise. Cool stuff, cool experiment, but not something I’d spend money on. Just sayin. Not hating, his other stuff is chill and I have nothing against anything about Chris drew and his music. Just personally wouldn’t spend money on the noise, it’s great to just check out for free though, I’m always up for branching out and new stuff, so on that end of it thumbs up.

  • vitória

    eu amo GONZO :’)

  • DJ.

    This is a Great, i like it. :*

  • Amire


  • Awesomeee!!! -I love it

  • Kathryn Hartzell (:

    I literally just started crying. o_o I mean, my favorite stuff is coming together. Oh my gosh. Fucking love this <3

  • Agcookiemunster

    Well I like it, an so does my brother(and neither of us are big on dubstep). However, dubstep has more bass than gonzo. I think this is pretty nice, especially digitaleyes.. ^\^

  • justsayin

    This isn’t dubstep.

  • juliana

    yes!!! i love it! but i still prefer the never shout never clasic sound!!! love the time travel CD that one was the best of all!

  • I really didn’t know what to expect when i first heard of it. I am really liking it and hope he continues with it i would love to see it live!

  • Brittany

    It kind of reminds me(in the beginning) of the music from one of the older spongebob episodes lol. Its really good and I can’t wait until more is released!

  • Kyle

    I’ve liked every project of Christofer Drew but this one. It’s not great. It’s average at best. But kudos for trying. 

  • Abc123

    not too excited…this dance music is cool if you’re dancing…but not so much if i’m sitting in my living room listening to my’s cool for parties or raves or whatever you wanna call it.

  • Thelousytruthgetitlol

    soo many people are gonna like this just because chris’s name is involved. but are they even listening to the music? i don’t think musicians would mind if you gave your honest opinion for once.

  • 1108sut

    I see where he was giong but its close electronia not really a new breed maybe he should venture out further.

  • Tyrah

    I liek eet <3


    gonzo is okay. i completely agree with the guy that said its good at a party or show but if you're sitting at home chillin then its not so great. to the guy that said this is good on Molly: everything is good on molly as long as its not to slow. this isnt dubstep, and if you think it is youve never listened to anything besides skrillex at best. this album is not worth crying over, fangirls, and if youre emotions are that unstable to cry over a side project of an artist you only listened to because you think he's hot or cute, you need counciling.

    truth is the person who said this was an average album is right. its just average. not terrible but not a classic. i like some songs on it but its kind of repetitive, however its not to the point of ruining the song. chris does have talent for being able to make several differen types of music, but if i was going to refer him to one of my friends id probly choose time travel, harmony, or the yipee ep. gonzo gets a 6.5/10 in my book… maybe a 7 depending on future works.

  • Cassie

    Personally, I like it. It’s interesting to listen to. It’s like a musical journey or something. It’s not horrible, it’s nice to see artists trying new genres, and aren’t afraid of loosing a certain fan base while doing so. I love this, good job. 

  • not my kind of music. But chris did a pretty sick job on “fucking around with garage band”

  • Destiny

    If you ask me I’d say its some pretty good shit. Love trippy feel of it, definitely great to dance your ass off too. I think this is a fun experiment that Christofer should keep going with. Cant wait to hear more!

  • Aerodork22

    i love dubstep & this is truely wonderful. Keep on going man.

  • XNecixx

    I like how he’s exploring new things, but he should come out with another Acoustic type album again..

  • XNecixx

    Thank you.

  • Paiges808

    no gonzo isn’t his best her should just stick with the rock type music..

  • yep

     chris just isn’t good at everything like people would think. i  like his effort though xp