MUSIC VIDEO: T-Pain – Let Me Talk


T-Pain has released the official music video for “Let Me Talk.”

The third (or fourth?) video to be unleashed from Pain in recent weeks, “Let Me Talk” doesn’t offer much outside of performance shots in strange locations and girls that look kind-of attractive from a distance. Maybe you’ll disagree. Click past the jump and decide for yourself.

If I could talk to T-Pain, I would ask how someone with so much money knows so many average looking “models.” I understand most videos have a lot of lighting effects and editing, but there is a reason most the shots in this video show the ladies at a distance. Also, why are they all hanging out a wrecking yard? Who is that man with the beard? Why does T-Pain insist on making his own videos?

Maybe one day we’ll get those answer, but until then you can pickup T-Pain’s latest on iTunes. We should be releasing a review sooner than later, so I’ll hold off on a link for now. Stay tuned!

James Shotwell

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