Live From The Basement With Radiohead


In our generation we discover very few group that truly shape the way our world views music and Radiohead is certainly one of those bands. Their ability to change shape and manipulate form instantaneously is absolutely astounding.

The group were filmed performing their song “Supercollider” on Live In The Basement, this past summer, and the video has just worked its way online today. You are certainly in luck!

View this awesome display of talent as well as the official track-listing for Radiohead’s Live From The Basement, that has a release date of December 19. If you are a classic or progressive rock fan then this needs to be on your Christmas list.

Live From The Basement
1. Bloom
2. The Daily Mail
3. Feral
4. Little by Little
5. Codex
6. Separator
7. Lotus Flower
8. Staircase
9. Morning Mr. Magpie
10. Give Up the Ghost
11. Supercollider

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