Los Angeles Film Critics Association Selects “The Descendants” As Best Picture Of 2011


The year is winding down and as such, “best of” lists are ramping up. From coast to coast, blog to blog, everyone is feeling the call to let you know what was the best media consumed in 2011. Tonight, The Los Angeles Film Critics Association announced their year end list and are definitely turning a few heads with their choices.

Taking top honors, the George Clooney lead dramedy The Descendants won Best Picture, while Terrence Malick took home Best Director for his work on Tree Of Life (which was runner-up for Best Picture). Michael Fassbender claimed Best Actor, which many have predicted for months, and actress Yun Jung-Hee beat our Kirsten Dunst to earn Best Actress for her work in Poetry.

A full list of winners can be found here. Given the large amount of publications, we obviously cannot promote everyone’s “best of” lists, but we are striving to bring you the one’s we feel spawn the most discussion. Feel free to comment below with your picks and let us know which flick you feel deserves top honors as we head into award season.

James Shotwell

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