STREAM: Black Veil Brides – Coffin


Black Veil Brides are set to release their Rebels EP tomorrow, but you can stream their brand new song right now.

Thanks to the glory of the internet, several UTG readers stumbled upon the only new original song off Rebels. It is loud, fast, and full of 80’s rock influence. A clear step forward from their album, but still familiar enough to keep die hards happy, click past to jump to stream “Coffin” for yourself.

Black Veil Brides have been the target of A TON of coverage in 2011 and this EP is poised to keep them on the blogosphere well into 2012. Leave your thoughts on the track in the comments and let us know what you’d like to see from BVB in the future.

Link broken? Don’t worry! Option 2:

[soundcloud url=”″]

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  • Wow, boys!  Great song!  I’m pretty sure the screamo lyrics are incorrect, though, Mr Editor Person. :/

  • Mere

    ahh, beautiful! words can’t describe how much i <3 this!

  • BVBforever

    I love Black Veil Brides with all my heart, and I like this very much. But I would love to hear more music like everything in We Stitch These Wounds. But no matter what, I will always be in the BVB Army. Forever and Always <3

  • Lietome0010

    Amazing job! I’m so proud of the five of you. You have came. Long way. BVBArmy forever! <3 Keep up the good work. I know I will be up until at least 12:30. (;

  • Ashleybrandbvb

    Amazing job! I’m so proud of the five of you. You have came. Long way. BVBArmy forever! <3 Keep up the good work. I know I will be up until at least 12:30. (;

  • Amazing! :)
    Hearing a new song is so incredible! Thank you so much~
    (Anything from BVB is amazing so I trust that they’ll always have great songs)

  • JDahiana

    Esta increibleeee ! Nuestro ejercito BVB siempre estara unido ! Grandes exitos :* 

  • Valburco


  • Sam Rebel

    I want sum morr REBELS this is just aint enough for me.. :( 

  • Jess

    LOVE! xD and i dont expect anything of BVB i hope they continue making the music they do for themselves and not for others, i like the fact that they don’t care who likes it and doesn’t like it, as long as they are proud of their music they are happy. :) i don’t want them to change their album or music cus their fans say they want something else. i hope that whatever else they come out with is from them and not the fans…I mean that’s why we all love them right? cus they are different and aren’t afraid to be

  • Unicorn :3

    I Fuckin love this song ♥

  • Christian

    Freaking AMAZING <3

  • Shanavwright

    #STWOF dissopointed me but i like this

  • TheSixxSixxSixxthYusagami

    holy shit :O

  • Stephanie

    I can’t listen to it my country?! Stupid America… -__-

  • his voice reminds me of the front man of hinder at moments.

  • Midnightangel

    Sounds very similar to The Legacy but I like it.

  • Alaina

    <3 I love this band :P