Plug In Stereo Streams New Song “I Blame You”

Plug In Stereo2011

Check out a brand new song from Plug In Stereo‘s forthcoming release The Patience EP, set to drop January 3. “I Blame You” is one of 5 songs on the album, that also includes “Oh Darling” featuring Cady Groves.

Listen to “I Blame You” right here.

Trevor Dahl has given a little background on the song saying,
“I was in LA recording my new album, and I had already recorded all of the songs I planned on recording. I had one extra day before I left, and the producers I was working with and I thought it’d be fun to write/record an upbeat song just to see how it turned out. Plus, the album was missing an uptempo song. We sat in the little studio and wrote the song pretty quickly. It was written with a “carefree” mindset. Since I had already finished the songs I came to do, we just wanted to experiment and enjoy writing the song. When recording the vocals, we kind of made the melodies for the verses as we went. I finished with vocals and had to leave and didn’t even get to hear what they sounded like until weeks later when I got a mix of the song. I had a blast making this song, and I hope people can have fun with it. It’s a lot different than what I usually write, so I’m excited to hear people’s thoughts.”

Plug In Stereo is currently touring with The Ready Set and Breathe Electric through 12/20. The band is set to headline a short tour in 2012 as well.

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