STREAM: Attack Attack! – The Motivation

attack attack this means war

Attack Attack! have premiered a new song from their forthcoming album and UTG has the stream.

Pairing their typical ferocious growls and chugs, Attack Attack! venture into a world of pop sensibilities with “The Motivation.” Click through to stream the song and discover what we mean.

If you ask us, this is a good step forward for AA!, but something tells us longtime fans may disagree. The chorus is a clear departure from their previous approach to hook writing, but we think the results are worth the time it takes to adjust. What about you? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this new track!

This Means War arrives in stores January 17 through Rise Records.

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  • Goldintentions

    i love it so much. much better than old attack attack

  • Nubs Enrico McFish

    Concept album, less autotune, symphonic synth, self production, djenty guitars, Caleb Shomo may’ve singlehandedly saved his band from becoming forgotten.

  • Friday

    Better than “Criminal” for god’s sake. But still not quite par with their second album, which is golden to me. Their first, eh. If you want that sound, go listen to Austin Carlile’s other band, Of Mice & Men, and don’t bitch about it here. If you miss Johnny Franck, go listen to his other band, The March Ahead. Oh, and don’t bitch about it here.