RUMOR: A Day To Remember Suing Victory Records

a day to remember 2011

The Gunz Show have reported that A Day To Remember are planning to sue Victory Records to become free of all legal obligations.

They are currently bound to the label but are apparently not going to write any more music until the band is free from the label. More news on this rumored story to come so keep it locked right here on Under The Gun Review.

When we receive some sort of legal file or confirmation from Victory/ADTR then UTG will post the official news.

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  • The845kids

    thats good i hate victory records

  • Joe666

    botth the band and victory blow ass. who cares

  • it actually was filed May 31st. Hope they break free from Victory and that blood sucker, Tony Brummel.

    Maybe if they win this means I can go back and sue for wrongful termination. ;-)