REVIEW: Letterday – Ready


Artist: Letterday
Album: Ready EP
Genre: Pop Rock

Since their inception in 2001, Boston’s Letterday have refined, reworked, and re-imagined the possibilities of quote/unquote “pop rock.” Their latest, Ready, finds the group cracking the hit song code once and for all with five songs of life and love that are not to be missed.

Kicking things off with “Don’t Go,” the return of Letterday wastes no time showcasing their more evolved, atmospherically pleasing take on pop-centric rock. It is clear early on, as well as throughout the record that Letterday has grown exponentially since their three-song demo impacted a few short years ago. The hooks are tighter, the instrumentation more lush, and the lyrics have never been as heartfelt.

As the EP begins to unfold, it becomes clear that Letterday have taken pop rock from a genre to an artform as tracks like “Just Clap Your Hands” and “Safe & Sound” pack enough catchy sensibilities and crunchy rock to keep fans hitting repeat over and over again. There is a determination that is laced through each note of each track that informs the listener this is a professional, focused group ready for world takeover and it is that drive that latches on to the music fan in all of us, refusing to let go until the album comes to an end.

It is unclear whether or not Letterday entitled their EP Ready as a metaphor for how great they have become since last releasing an album, but it is made clear with this release that the group, more so than any other genre band we have featured this year, are ready for Billboard and beyond. Each and every song lingers on your musical palette like a meal you never want to forget and the hooks are more than solid enough to keep you warm during these long winter months. Support a band deserving of far more than they have been given up til now, buy this album and show Letterday you not only hear their talent, you appreciate it.

Score: 9.5/10
Review written by: James Shotwell (Follow him on Twitter)

James Shotwell

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