Former Members of The Graduate Form New Project, Release Free Demo

The Sun and The Sea - Demos

At the beginning of July, we reported that The Graduate were calling it quits and that an indefinite hiatus was soon to come. This was followed by a drawn out goodbye comprised of several goodbye shows, a Kickstarter to fund a dvd set and vinyl set, and a christmas song.

Just when we all thought it was over and done with, four members of the group decided to continue their collective creativity with a new project dubbed The Sun and The Sea. Included in the lineup are The Graduate members Tim Moore, Matt Kennedy, Max Sauer and Jared Wuestenberg. This leaves out only lead vocalist Corey Warning.

An announcement could be found via the biography on their Bandcamp page. It read as follows:

When The Graduate disbanded we decided that we still wanted to keep writing music together. These seven songs are allinstrumental demos that were recorded by us over the course of the past several months. Any money that is donated will go back into us producing more music. Currently, we have a few other projects in the works as well, but the four of us plan to keep making music together.

This week, the project saw the light of day with a debut demo that the fellas are giving away free on their Bandcamp. Be sure to jump over there and download it. Tell us what you think!

Jacob Tender

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