MUSIC VIDEO: Talib Kweli – Distractions


Talib Kweli has never been one to shy away from the hot topics in the world today, whether it’s economic hardships, political movements or even other rappers. He makes it obvious how much people are taking advantage and exploit the culture they live in.

Kweli offers up his thoughts on the track/video and can be seen below:
“A little less a year ago, I got a beat from one of my favorite producers, Oh No, that I felt would be a perfect sound bed for the album I was working on, Prisoner Of Conscious. As I played the beat over and over trying to write lyrics, I kept finding myself distracted. By the TV, by twitter, by trivial things. I realized then that the beat was asking me to write about Distractions. Beats talk to me. They tell me what to rap about, they suggest a guest for the song. One of the things I was distracted by was the news coming from Tahrir Square last year. The Arab Spring was unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

“I am not here to convince you one way or the other about Occupy Wall Street. I know how I feel about the movement and that’s good enough for me. I was so inspired by what those people are doing for our future that I wanted to celebrate them in the video for Distractions. I had some reservations about it. I did not want to appear like I was capitalizing.”

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