STREAM: MC Lars – The Frosty the Flow Man EP

MC lars 2011

MC Lars is certainly bringing the heat to this chilly Christmas time with his newly released effort, The Frosty the Flow Man EP. Lars packs a completely unique blend of hip-hop and indie rap that we cannot help but love.

Check out the complete track-listing for the EP below.

Please purchase The Frosty the Flow Man EP, by clicking on the link provided, for only five bucks. Listen and enjoy by simply heading through the jump and give us your opinion on it.

1. Frosty the Flow Man
2. Holiday Treats (featuring Adam WarRock)
3. How the Grinch Occupied Whoville
4. Puking on Thanksgiving
5. 2011 (Rolling Stone Subscription)
6. MC Lars is Coming to Town
7. A Song for Steve

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