Abandoned Blink 182 Video Clip Emerges

blink 182

An interesting thing popped up online today. No, It wasn’t another ad from Herman Cain or Rick Perry. It is an excerpt from an abandoned Blink 182 music video for their song “Josie” which appeared on their album Dude Ranch.

Now, there were two videos made for “Josie.” One was filmed in a high school setting, with the band playing in the bathroom. This was the version that was officially used. The other version was filmed on a basement set within an underwater tank that was being filled with water. This was Directed by Jason Matzner, who released the excerpt of his video on his Vimeo account. He promised to upload the full video after the master tape had been digitized. It has been 8 months since then.

If the full version is released, we’ll let you know. Until that time, watch the excerpt (as well as the official video) inside.

Blink 182 “Josie” music video (excerpt) from Jason Matzner on Vimeo.

Jacob Tender

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