REVIEW: Louis C.K. – Live At The Beacon Theater


Comedian: Louis C.K.
Special: Live At The Beacon Theater

Finding out that Louis C.K. was putting out another special this year was all I really wanted for Christmas this year. That new special being one of the best we’ve seen from him to date….well, that just satisfies my inner-most holiday desires for a few years to come.

Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater gives us Louie at his best, as well as his most candid side. There’s no time for formalities – not even for a feature act – as the legendary comedian quietly steps onto the stage and instructs them to kill the house lights.

In typical Louis C.K. fashion, we’re treated to his hilariously self-aware humor in a way that’s almost cathartic for the comic. At one point, while talking about the lack of special treatment soldiers receive while flying commercial, he confides that he often considers relinquishing his first-class ticket to a coach-bound soldier.

“I’ve never done it once,” he admits readily, “I’ve had so many opportunities, but I’ve never even come close.  And here’s the worst part – I still just enjoyed the fantasy. For myself to enjoy.  I was proud of myself for having thought of it.”

It’s almost as if my all-time favorite funny man just *had* to film this extra material and put it out, as I didn’t even know until its release date that the special was due out. And, for a lowly $5 cost, C.K. lets you download the show without any sort of contingencies – it’s yours to burn, wear out, and adore all you want. It’s his gift to you.

What makes Louis C.K. so unbelievably likable is that he really is your average man-on-the-street. Much of his humor is derived from his life as a single parent, and he showcases the not-too-terribly evil side that most of us possess in healthy amounts. I mean, really…no one’s even close to perfect, and C.K. owns his flaws better than anyone.

Even if you’ve never heard of Louis C.K., which is highly unlikely given his popularity, there’s virtually no way you would not enjoy Live from the Beacon. And for only $5, you can get creative with your last minute stocking stuffers.

So download it today, and live a more fulfilled life -if only for an hour.

Review written by: Angie Frissore

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  • Radiant_bull

    Even the subtleties of his website are hilarious.  Do me a favor and click the “forgot password” or whatever option and, even if you really haven’t forgotten it, have the site email you a new password.  Not only will the website degrade you for being a moron, but the new password they issue you is equally as degrading.  It cracked me up.