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This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Pete Holmes and his latest release, Impregnated With Wonder. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

You may not realize it, but you’ve heard Pete Holmes before – even if you’ve never listened to his act. While the nationally-known comedian has had his own Comedy Central Presents special and has appeared on Conan and Jimmy Fallon, he’s also the voice of the much-loved e-Trade baby. Now you know.

Talking babies aside, the Boston native released his digital debut album, Impregnated with Wonder, on November 15 – and here I sat, with digital copy in hand, for far too long without giving it a proper listen. Quite a shame considering Holmes has produced one of the funniest comedy albums of the year.

Impregnated with Wonder is rife with hilariously quotable lines – from Holmes’ ‘magic sound’ to his hands-on, interactive ‘Piiiiieeeerce!’ bit.

“If you don’t do that alone in the shower tomorrow, you’re dead inside,” Holmes states. “Make up your own while lathering up….live your life, no one else is gonna tell you to.”

Naturally, Holmes takes on some of society’s norms in his act, such as Facebook and Google, and tween comments on Youtube.

“Happy to be out of the house – this is true – after the eighteen hours of Facebookery today,” he quips, before launching into a hilarious tirade about what he could have possibly been doing before we had Facebook.

Holmes likens himself to a fat Val Kilmer (so, he’s pretty much just Val Kilmer at this point), and we’re taken along his wondrous journey in a knee-jerking, whirlwind pace.  His enthusiasm and energy are clear from the start – so much so that, if you’re not careful, you could easily miss something. But that just gives you an excuse to listen to it again (and again).

“No one, tomorrow even, will remember any of my jokes, no matter how memorable they might seem at the time or how well they do,” Holmes states in a 2008 interview with Buzzine. “They will remember that I said some off-the-cuff thing that brought them into the show and kind of made the whole thing our experience, instead of my experience being given to them. The more it’s “our” show, the better.”

Thankfully Holmes has finally managed to contain his wild ride on what is perhaps the funniest comedy album of 2011, Impregnated with Wonder, which you can pick up today on iTunes for a mere $9.99. As much as I could go on and on about Holmes and how awesome I find him to be, I’ll let you determine that for yourself with my all-time favorite joke, “Pieeeeeeerce!”

Pete Holmes — “Pieeeeeeeerce!” by Laughspin

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  • Carmalain7

    This man is my hero; so great to see that he resonates with more than myself and here’s to that pitch echoing through the world (and by that pitch i mean the really high one he hits at the top of the intonation of “BEEEEEEERRRRRRRSSSSS PPPPIIIEEEERRRRCCCCEEE!”).