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the human abstract

The new year comes filled with hope for great music, but sadly we must first say goodbye to California metal act The Human Abstract.

We realize news of the band’s breakup may seem sudden, it certainly caught us off guard, but a little bit of research following some reader emails confirmed this sad news to be true. Bassist Henry Selva commented on the status of the band only a few days ago via his personal Facebook, stating:

UPDATE: We were asked by Henry to post the entirety of his quote, which sheds a bit more light on the members current activities. Sorry for any confusion our original post caused.

“Fuck. How can I put this?

It was hard enough answering fan question while I was working for Protest the Hero. Folks, we are not looking for a new vocalist. We are not touring anytime soon. I think it’s only fair you guys know that we’re on “break or hiatus if you will.” I don’t know why we haven’t said anything. I guess it’s because there is always that “maybe if something happens, etc..etc…” Or maybe it’s hard for us to realize the reality of our situation, the bands situation, to finally let go. I’ll be honest when I say the folllowing: Periphery and Never Say Die were our last tours together as a band.

It was amazing experience while it lasted. Dean is going back to USC to further his education. AJ, as you know will always continue writing and teaching. Brett, I am sure has something up his sleeve.

Thank you to everyone who came out to show their love for the band and the music. I’m proud to say that I got to perform and record along side such amazing musicians.

Does that answer your question?”

The Human Abstract were an immensely talented group and their absence will be felt in the metal community for the foreseeable future. We want to wish all the members the best of luck in future endeavors and will keep you updated as further comments/confirmation is received.

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  • Nocturne will always be one of my favorite albums


  • Andrew Rumbol

    wow, that caught me off guard :/  Nocturne is a masterpiece… despite never really getting into their two more recent releases, I’m genuinely distraught to hear this.  Such a loss to the world of music </3

  • Adrian Rivera

    If you’re going to post what he wrote on facebook at least have the decency to write ALL of what he said…

  • Grant Trimboli

    That is why there’s a link to his personal Facebook in the post…

  • Entombthemachine

    Noooooooo that upsets me immensly

  • Bahahaha

    Good riddance.
    Just a bunch of cocky assholes.
    The one opportunity I had to see them live, they left less than 30 minutes before the show started.
    They said they, “didn’t like the venue”. A ton of people there who had driven hours to see them and had already paid to get in. Then they just came in, looked around, and decided they didn’t like the place even though there was nothing wrong with it. It’s a great venue and they should have played either way. I just hope they didn’t get paid before they disappeared.