The Swellers Reflect On 2011, Give Thanks, And Look Foward To The Future

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It is the first of the year here in the United States and Michigan punk act The Swellers are celebrating with a new update/message to fans.

Released on the group’s official website earlier today and written by drummer Jonathan Diener, the first update of 2012 reads:

In 2011 a lot of great things happened. We recorded with our dream producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) in Fort Collins, CO and made a record we are incredibly proud of. We were fortunate enough to play shows all over the US and some in Canada, multiple trips to play the UK and venturing into mainland Europe. The most incredible thing happened when we were given the opportunity to play shows in China, Indonesia and Singapore… places we never thought we’d play, let alone see in real life. We also finally made it to Australia! We are working our asses off and want to play for the ENTIRE WORLD on a regular basis now.

This means in 2011 alone we’ve been on OVER THIRTY SIX FLIGHTS and GONE FOR NINE MONTHS out of the year. We have loved ones at home, friends and families whose lives are changing without us but through such long periods of absence we see who is really closest to us. You start to realize in every city, in every country, you’re going to see familiar faces and friends. It’s a pretty amazing thing. It’s a dream come true doing what we do. We can only do it because of you, the fans.

In 2012 we hope to give you guys some more rewards in return for how great you’ve been to us. We’re constantly finding new ways to stay in contact with you, play the songs you want to hear at shows, make movies or videos that entertain you, making our music easily and readily available to acquire around the world, lower prices for things like merch or shows whenever we can and all around just let you know that you’re as big a part of this whole thing as we are.

This summer marks a decade of The Swellers. Let’s make this the best year yet.

-Swellers 2012

We here at UTG could not be more excited to see what The Swellers have in store this year and will be keeping a close eye on their happenings from here on out. If you have yet to hear the group’s latest album, Good For Me, head to your local record store and purchase a copy today!

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