Hands Like Houses Reveal Album Details

Hands Like Houses 2012

Hands Like Houses have revealed the official album details for their debut release, Ground Dweller. The Australian outfit will release this album on March 13 through Rise Records and we are excited for new material! Please click through the jump to view the official cover artwork and tracklisting as well!

Pre-orders for Ground Dweller will be available to pick up on January 19 and when purchased you receive an immediate download of their song “Antarctica.” Listen to HLH’s new song “Lion Skin,” featuring guest vocals from Jonny Craig and Tyler Carter, which was streamed on UTG last week.

1. Antarctica
2. Don’t Look Now, Im Being Followed. Act Normal.
3. This Ain’t No Place For Animals
4. Spineless Crow
5. Starving to Death In the Belly of a Whale
6. A Clown and His Pipe
7. The Definition of Not Leaving
8. Lion Skin
9. One Hundred
10. Watchmaker
11. The Sower

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