In a genre, like most, continually being swarmed with repetition and monotony, The Analyst bring a fresh and heavy sound to death metal and grindcore. They’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus in the past year or so but are back with a vengeance and ready to show the world in 2012 that they’re a true contender in the metal scene.

UTG had the chance to speak with drummer Brandon Tabor about the end of the world, the rebirth of the band, and what we can expect from them this year. Please read through and enjoy some time with The Analyst!

Do you think the world is ending this year?
I personally don’t think so. There are so many factors that contribute to the belief that world is ending in 2012 and the media is taking it as far as they can. All of the reasoning that negates this logic is often left unheard of because people enjoy the topic. I remember going to the grocery store on New Years Eve 1999 with my family and seeing every shelf in the store empty because the media had made such a crazy ordeal about Y2K. People were freaking out and storing months worth of food in their basements, buying guns to fight off robberies, just crazy shit. The government and media have always controlled people through fear and they’re continuing to do so because it’s profitable for them. The world ending is completely out of anyone’s control and we should be more worried about making every day count for something.

What led to the band rising from the dead?
The Analyst never really died. The last couple years for us have been crazy. We were on and off the road, had some member changes, Alex shattered his wrists and was under doctor’s care for months on end, etc… We had awesome record contract offers on our laps and had to decide what we really wanted to do with this band moving forward. Once your band gets to a certain level, the music industry starts to control you. We were so afraid of getting stuck with a record label that would only release material they wanted us to write and we’d lose all of our freedom as a band. We just stopped. There was no practicing, no talking about the band, no plans. There was a point about a month ago when we were watching videos people had posted of us on YouTube and we saw that kids were still commenting on the videos. It was shocking to see that people still cared about us and we started tossing the idea around of releasing another album on Innerstrength Records. Innerstrength released our debut Summoning The Wretched and is the most supportive label we could ask for. They completely believe in our band and give us full creative control over everything that has our name on it. Around this time we got a call from our original singer, Justin Holmes, who started this band with us when we were in high school. Justin had moved off to college years ago and had just graduated. He told us he was moving back home and wanted to re-join the band. That’s when we knew The Analyst was back.

What are some major influences that go into your writing process?
Our biggest influence that has gone into writing these new songs is the fact that no one has heard any of our new material in about three years. We have grown so much as a band and words cannot express how overly excited we are to record and release these songs. They’re darker, angrier, and all around better.

What have you been listening to lately?
We all have a pretty wide taste in music. When we’re in the van together we’ll put an iPod on shuffle. You can expect to hear anything from Behemoth to Gin Blossoms, Dave Matthews Band to Blink 182, etc. Good music is good music.

What’s one of your best memories from being on the road?
Each and every day on the road has a lot of significance to us. I’d say one of our best memories would be a period of time where we were on and off the road non-stop. We would leave for a tour, come home three weeks later, leave again a week later for a month and so on. There were so many ridiculous struggles that we worked through and we’re proud of ourselves for getting through it. I wish we could write a book about all the stories we have from touring. Save that for the next interview?

How do you feel about fans downloading your music illegally?
It makes it a lot harder for us to fulfill our duties as a band. Bands can’t make money on album sales anymore so it’s harder for them to spend money on good record production, touring, merchandise, etc.. In the end it hurts the fans. I personally still buy music on iTunes. If you listen to music all day like most people do, it’s a worthy investment.

What can the world expect from The Analyst in 2012?
It’s early in the year so it’s hard to say, but we’re finishing up writing an EP that Innerstrength Records will be releasing this year. If you’re interested in seeing The Analyst in your area, hit up your local promoters and tell them to bring us out. Follow us on Facebook for up to date info on what we’re up to.

Written and conducted by: Brian Leak

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