Panic! At The Disco on Decently Funny

Panic! At The Disco

Not much news has been floating around for Panic! At The Disco, but this past weekend Brendon Urie (frontman), Spencer Smith (drummer), and Dallon Weekes (bassist) were on a podcast with Nuzzy and The Guy; the show is called Decently Funny. They performed a few songs acoustically and talked for about 2 hours.

On this show, the guys said many things that fans did not appreciate; things such as weed, drinking, etc. Some of the fans were sending Brendon hate-tweets, which caused him to say this: Wow. Getting a lot of hate-tweets right now. Glad to see the depth and sense humor that people do or don’t have. I love you all regardless.

Fans who missed the podcast can now stream the podcast on the Decently Funny website. Also on the website is bonus content from before the podcast. Did what the guys say during this podcast offend you? Let us know in a comment!

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