DOUBLE DAMMIT: Katy Perry Announces “Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection”


Last week we brought you a lengthy rant about our frustrations over Katy Perry’s decision to once again release a remix of “The One The Got Away” in hopes of breaking a world record. This week, she outdoes herself once again.

Just a few short moments ago Under The Gun Review received an email announcing the March release of Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. What is this nonsense you ask? Nothing more than a reissue of Perry’s 2010 (yes, 20-f*cking-10) album, complete remixes and her bullshit grabs for #1s released along the way.

There is no definite track list for the Confection, but producer Tricky Stewart has confirmed some b-sides will make the cut. Learn more about the release, here.

Listen Katy, we know you want to be popular, but repackaging the same album we have been bombarded with for the past two years is no way to retain your crown. Hire a team, maybe even two, write some song, record, and put out a new album. If you want the singles crown, you have to work for it. Quit scamming your fans and apply all this frivolous spending on reissues to something more worthy of our time and support.

James Shotwell

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