[New Feature] MICRO MOVIES: An Evening With My Comatose Mother


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Film: An Evening With My Comatose Mother
Starring: Wendy Macy, Michele Turner Wilson, Missy Hill
Directed by: Jonathan Martin

Horror is an interesting genre of cinema. The goal of a horror movie is to entertain the audience through fear. It usually takes at least thirty minutes of setup to make you feel for the characters enough to really get frightened when they get in to bad situations. An Evening With My Comatose Mother breaks this rule and sucks you in almost immediately, as the film itself is only thirty three minutes long.

An Evening With My Comatose Mother is the classic tale of a girl hired to watch a house for an evening. It happens to be Halloween and there is a catch: the owner of the house’s mother is in a comatose state upstairs and needs to be looked after throughout the night. The homeowners leave and that is when things start to get strange, as the girl watching the house is in for a night she wont soon forget.

Comatose Mother is a great little horror piece that would fit right in with movies like Evil Dead and Dead Alive. The scares are solid, the atmosphere is creepy, and there is just enough tongue in cheek humor to really keep you entertained between the suspense and darkness. The acting is pretty convincing as the female lead seems like a very believable twenty something, not just what you would expect to see from Hollywood trying portray one. The special effects are great, and the overall cinematography is surreal and dreamlike, which adds a really nice aspect to the film.

An Evening With My Comatose Mother is currently in talks for a distribution company. As soon as they find one we will let you know because everyone should see this gem.

Review written by: Justin Proper (Follow him on Twitter)


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