PLEASE STOP: Dr. Acula Release “Party 2.0” Video


Over the past few years Victory Records has slowly switch focus from the emo/alternative scene that heralded their economic rise in the early aughts, to a quasi-experimental heavy label with random flares of bad pop rock ideas, and the results have been as increasing awful as they have been quote/unquote “metal.” One of the latest atrocities, Dr. Acula, hails from New York and features a rotating lineup of members that give talentless band members a bad name. They just released a video for their latest single, which is a term I use lightly as no one in their right mind would probably ever play this ridiculous excuse for music on tv or the radio, and have successfully added yet another nail to the quickly closing coffin of this once great label.

“Party 2.0” is the title of this musical mistake, and the visuals are as empty and shallow as the music. It is nothing more than indistinguishable grindcore (which DA refer to as “partygrind”) about the nightlife set against a club scene filled with ugly girls made pretty thanks to quick edits and dudes who would never land a girls half as attractive as the aforementioned ladies. There are performance shots as well, but when neither of your two frontmen (yes, they have two vocalists) play instruments yet insist on standing ten feet in front of everyone else, there really is not a lot to see.

You can view Dr.Acula’s best attempt at wasting Victory’s finances after the jump. If Tony Brummel honestly believes this is one of the best, most deserving bands in the world, might I suggest he simply cash in while he still can and lock the doors to Victory forever. All hope is lost.

James Shotwell

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