STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Death Of The Emcee


Mac Miller is out to prove a point with his latest single, even if it is his most misguided message to date.

“Death Of The Emcee” is the first track to surface off Miller’s forthcoming #Fratrap mixtape. As the title leads you to believe, the song focuses heavily on those who claim Miller is “legit” or “deserving” of his popularity. You can stream, download, and experience the “Death Of The Emcee” after the jump.

UTG has long supported Miller, but his latest material shows early signs of the disconnect many artist face after their initial rise to fame. He’s going on the attack, or at least trying to defend himself, when what he really needs to do is focus on improving his mic skills. People (for the most part) are not against Miller because he is popular or because he likes to discuss partying, the problem with Miller is his apparently inability (or fear) of artistic growth. He has released a full length album, as well as at least forty free songs over the past year and has yet to expand on his original ideas, themes, or flows. It was fun for awhile, but now his material is slowly becoming one redundant declaration of youthful ignorance after another frankly it is becoming a bore.

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