SINGLE REVIEW: Jack White – Love Interruption

Jack White 2012

Artist: Jack White
Song: Love Interruption
Album: Blunderbuss
Label: Third Man Records

Simply put, Jack White has always managed to excel at being uncomplicated. “Love Interruption,” the latest Third Man Records single by White, released earlier today, is no exception to this rule. Flooded with simple, vintage tones and alt. country tendencies, the catchy compositions are allowed to thrive off White’s warbling vocals. Blended flawlessly with those of Ruby Amanfu, White’s words catch the listener’s attention, pushing for respect. Placed comfortably over a collection of throwback sound like acoustic guitars, bass and 1970’s style organ, the song are allowed to thrive on the wide open spaces and cleared foliage. But with candid, heartbreaking lyrics like this, there is no reason to hide being the distraction and clutter of a wall of sound.

If this track is any indication of what Jack White has in store for us in the near future, consider us bought in to the project. However, for now, feel free to stream “Love Interruption” below:

Written by: Joshua Hammond (Follow him on Twitter)

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  • I thought it was a little more like the Coke commercial they did in Australia.  I do really like this song, and I cannot wait for the album.