Kill Paradise Premiere “Favorites Die”


Kill Paradise have partnered with Absolutepunk to release a new song off their forthcoming album, The Glitch.

Premiering at the top of the day on AP, “Favorites Die” is a song written by Kill Paradise about the downfall of one of their favorite bands, The Starting Line. Member Bryce Hoops explains:

We wrote “Favorites Die” because it seemed like a lot of our favorite bands were starting to fall victim to the music industry and break up. Specifically, our favorite band The Starting Line. Nick and I watched their DVD/documentary Somebody’s Gonna Miss Us and immediately started writing lyrics about how much The Starting Line means to us and how they are such a huge influence on us as musicians.

The lyrics in the chorus “Thinking back to when I heard you singin’ ‘Please Don’t Leave'” refers to The Starting Line’s song “Leaving.” The next lyric in the chorus “I remember seeing you sing ‘Gonna get ready…'” refers to The Starting Line’s song “Ready.” The next lyric “I just hope that I can give them all what you gave me” is us talking about how amazing it was to see The Starting Line play and how great it made us feel. We want to give people that same vibe when they are watching our band perform.

Click here to stream the song, read the lyrics, and otherwise experience another taste of The Glitch. After you listen, comment below and let UTG know your thoughts on the latest material from Kill Paradise.

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