Andrew McMahon May Retire Jack’s Mannequin


Jack’s Mannequin are out on tour supporting their latest release, People And Things, but the road looks narrow from here on out. Andrew McMahon mentioned in a recent interview that he is considering retiring the Jack’s Mannequin name after this tour.

A portion of the interview with Andrew McMahon can be read by looking below.

“I’m going to be coming off of this tour and pretty much taking the rest of the year off, and part of that’s going to be about answering that question. And seeing if that means that maybe I have to wind down the Jack’s Mannequin name and start looking at music from a different angle so I can unwind my brain from that part of my life. I foresee an end to the usage of that name. I don’t know that it’s doing for me what it used to, in the sense that Jack’s sort of really represented a freedom from something. And a really free approach to creating things that now is certainly wrapped up in a whole lot of turmoil and tumult in a very difficult time in my life. And to acknowledge that, I certainly think at some point I’m going to have to find a way to shake that loose. And I think to some extent that might mean retiring the name.”

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  • Ria

    I literally just got home from seeing him at the House of Blues in Boston. Jack’s Mannequin is phenomenal and I love how personal and meaningful the music is. But just like how I loved Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, I will love anything in the future. Andrew is such a hero in my eyes. He isn’t like the typical person who sings about getting women or partying. He is very inspirational, and everything he has accomplished throughout his unfortunate cancer is just simply amazing. It was a wake up call to myself and others that complaining how tired we are to get through a challenge is not the worst thing in our lives and we need to suck it up a bit. We have our healths and need to stop taking it for granted. I will follow Andrew in all his endeavors until he retires permanently (which I hope isn’t anytime soon). Stay strong Andrew and thank you for touching the lives of many!