DAMMIT: Metallica Planning “Special Announcement,” Rumored To Be Working On 3D Film


Metallica have announced they will be making a special announcement this coming Tuesday and have released a teaser clip to get fans excited.

The clip, which you can find after the jump, runs under a minute and showcases very, very little. What it does do however, is fire up further talk of the legendary metal band releasing a 3D concert film later this year. In fact, the only text in the clip is “You’ve seen them at festivals across the world…But you’ve never seen them..” which might as well be the promo line that runs on the posters.

The problem with Metallica choosing to make and release a 3D film is two-part:

1. It’s a shameless cash grab. We all know Metallica like to whine about the effects of piracy on their bank accounts, but the truth is they have been arguably the biggest metal band on the planet for nearly three decades, and if such lengthy success still finds you with money problems, then the issue is mostly likely not with fans who stole a couple hundred copies of your last record. Further, I bet nine times out of ten fans would claim a higher interest in Metallica doing an affordable tour with low effects than having to sit in a air conditioned theater chair amongst other aging metalheads and chew popcorn against a fifteen minute guitar solo (that’s in 3D).

2. 3D is over, or at least dying. Starting with last year’s Pirates Of The Caribbean film, the attendance and overall success of 3D films has dropped. Crowds have caught on that not only is the technology not that great, it’s a ridiculous excuse to boost box office totals and make a couple of bucks, so why try and fool them just because you’re playing instruments? If anything, the idea of seeing a band perform in “3D” should be even less appetizing because really, what the hell does anyone expect to happen? Lars Ulrich is not going to step out from the screen and hand you subpoena for piracy, nor is James Hetfield going to shake your hand, all you get for an extra $3-5 is a bit more depth to the image.

If you ask me, Metallica’s big announcement needs to be an apology for all the time fans and press spent discussing and having to hear Lulu. Afterwards, they should hit the studio and make an album that rectifies the bad taste left from the previous twelve months and then they should hit the road.

What do you think? Comment below and let UTG know your thoughts on what this teaser could mean.

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