UTG LIST: Five Essential “Trap Back” Tracks (W/Downloads)


I have longstanding love/hate relationship with Gucci Mane and pretty much any rapper that fulls into his gutter subgenre of hip hop. It is not the bass-heavy tendencies, nor the overwhelming abundance of simple metaphors and ideas, no, what frustrates me is that their fame becomes more about the headlines than the music, which in turn usually makes the music about the headlines, and nine times out of ten that spells downfall for typically anyone. Think about it, I mean really think about it. How many artists in the past few years have had a great mixtape, video, freestyle, or single, only to react poorly to the immediate fame and fall apart before their careers even get off the ground? The answer is probably in the dozens, if not more.

2011 found Gucci delivering dozens of verses and guest spots throughout the year, more hit than miss, but he is kicking off 2012 with a new level of focus and flow on Trap Back. Dropping yesterday, this mixtape finally gives the world a chance to see what originally attracted the blogosphere to embrace the emcee. UTG has had the record on repeat for the past day and have finally settled on the five tracks you need to add to your next playlist. Click past the jump to stream, download, and enjoy the tracks.

Gucci is going to have a huge 2012. After you listen to the tracks, comment and let us know your thoughts on Mane’s latest material.

“Back In 95”

Kicking the record into full motion, “Back In 95” finds Gucci giving his deep insight to his early days in the game. For a rapper known for ego verses, this is definitely a welcome change.

“Walking Lick” (ft. Waka Flocka)

The dirty-duo is back with some of their strongest verses to date. Waka restrains himself just enough to be taken seriously, but the beat makes sure energy stays high throughout.

“Get It Back” (ft. 2 Chainz)

One of the most heavily promoted tracks on Trap Back, “Get It Back” delivers further evidence of 2 Chainz impending takeover of hip hop. Gucci holds his own, but like many others top level lyricists right now, they just cannot hold a candle to the young hitmaker.

“Thank You”

Taking center stage sans features, “Thank You” is a perfect blend of Gucci’s signature lyricism and fresh energy. This may be the closest to tender we ever hear mane, and it is not soft in the slightest.

“Sometimes” (ft. Future)

Closing Trap Back with flare, “Sometimes” starts simple and honest before swelling into a trunk-rattling track that never loses focus on delivering real insight into Gucci’s perspective.

Want more Gucci? Click here to download the entire Trap Back mixtape

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