Breathe Carolina Reveal Blackout Forever Tour


Breathe Carolina and friends The Ready Set have revealed the official plans for their Blackout Forever Tour and UTG has the details! These two headlining artists will tour around the country with direct support coming from Ashland High.

Please click through the jump to view the colorful poster with the touring itinerary connected. Let Under The Gun know if you are excited for this tour by simply commenting!

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  • how dare you skip my state. >.>

  • Sissyrae123

    <3 im for sure going

  • sorad888

    where the fuck is texas..

  • where do you get tickets?! D:

  • Tyshawnda

    Uhh guess they’re not coming to the whole western region of the country? WTF?

  • Grant Trimboli

    I’m assuming tickets will be available at the link below but not sure of the exact date. Grant

  • OMFG. the one in new jersey if right by my dads house and its the day after my birthday!! this needs to be my birthday present. (:

  • 5  minutes from my house! so excited! :’)

  • Dance_forever6510

    Ahhh! Finally! One of my favorite bands is coming to my state! I’ve been feeling excluded.

  • Kaitlin

    I know, I’m so pissed!!!

  • Agentperry96

    Where is Washington?!? D: