Dance Gavin Dance Release Official Statement about Jonny Craig


Dance Gavin Dance released an official statement about the controversy with Jonny Craig today. For those of you who don’t know Jonny Craig has had some problems in the past and we did a full report on it early this morning which can be read here. I’m going to withhold my opinion on the matter, but I think it is safe to say this whole matter is saddening.

Check out Dance Gavin Dance’s statement after the break, and let UTG know what you think of the whole matter. Let’s also make sure we’re civil in the comments okay?

As some of you have heard today, Jonny Craig will not be doing the upcoming tour with Dance Gavin Dance. Jonny is very sick right now, and needs to do what he can to get better. Being on the road is no place for someone in his position right now. He needs to focus on fixing himself. He has NOT been kicked out of Dance Gavin Dance, but we cannot tour with him in the current state he is in. We still want to continue being productive and playing music that we have so much passion for, which is why we decided to continue with the tour without Jonny. We love Jonny and we hope that Jonny can do what he can to get better, because we have done everything that we can to try to get him clean.
For this upcoming tour with A lot Like Birds, we will be joined by Kurt Travis and Matt Geise to fill in on vocals. We will be doing something that we’ve never done before, and thats preforming songs from all 4 full-lengths. For the time being, keep your eyes peeled and your ears piqued for new Secret Band music! See you all out on the road and make sure to come up and say hi to us at the merch table!

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