Earl Sweatshirt Returns, Teases New Material (Video)

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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s Earl Sweatshirt has finally returned home.

Sweatshirt, who has been the focus of dozens of blogs debating his whereabouts over the past year, returned home during the previous week. Earlier tonight (Wednesday), Sweatshirt launched his first Twitter account and as many expected, he’s already teasing new music.

Two hours ago, Earl tweeted “nigga need followers. give me 50,000 and i’ll release this shit for everybody.” Moments later another tweet went out linking to a teaser clip of a new song, as well as quick intro from Earl himself. You can view the clip after the jump.

This story is clearly still developing, but as of this post (10:04PM EST) Earl has gained 41,236 Twitter followers and looks assured to hit his goal before midnight. Stay tuned for updates.

James Shotwell

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