UTG EXCLUSIVE: Jonny Craig Homeless, On Heroin, And Wanted By Authorities [VIDEO]


Yesterday, we reported that incriminating photos of Jonny Craig had been posted via an anonymous Tumblr account. Today, we have some exclusive details regarding Jonny’s current condition and what might be next for the troubled singer.

After much discussion in this AP.net thread, Thomas Nassiff contacted several contacts tied to Craig, namely his label and now former management, Artery Management. Rise Records responded by saying that they were clueless as to the current controversy and photos and provided no further public comment. It is assumed at this point that Jonny is still tied to Rise Records, however I can infer that he is well on his way to being dropped, only being held by contractual and monetary bindings.

With a bit of luck, the original poster of the pictures provided their email address for questioning, I pursued. After a lengthy phone interview with the poster who will remain anonymous, I can provide some insight to the current status of Jonny. In the interview, the poster recounted the time they have spent with Jonny in the process of recording some guest vocals. According to this account, Jonny has been on a nonstop string of heavy narcotic usage including the heroine shown in the photos provided. Jonny would show up to the studio an hour late and spend a half of that time recording what turned out to be some horrendous vocal work.

As expected, this drug use has left Jonny in poor mental and physical health and flat broke. Craig is homeless and desperate for cash. The anonymous source indicated that over the past year, he has assisted Jonny in countless ways. These include bailing him out of jail after his last arrest, giving him temporary residence, and spending approximately $10,000 on him in the process. Our source indicates that Jonny promised to pay him back with the royalty money he was owed by Artery Management, which Eric Rushing denies. Jonny went so far as to create fake email accounts to convince our source that Jonny was indeed telling the truth, posing as Rushing.

Lying, like singing, is a strong suit for the artist. This skill, however doesn’t require sobriety. Jonny repeatedly missed flights to recording locations (paid for by our source) and conjured up lies to excuse his absence. One instance of this was a tale of a car accident involving Craig and his mother on the way to the airport. This was verified as a lie by his mother at the inquiring of our source.

Care-taking of the singer was consistently necessary due to scabbing and bleeding from the heroin usage. Passing out in the studio and in public was not uncommon. This all ties back into Jonny’s legal status. In compliance with the orders of his parol, Craig is required to conduct weekly drug testing and as of yesterday, he has missed a hearing in which his attendance was required. of this testing and according to Eric Rushing of the Artery Foundation (via email), he is wanted by United States authorities. His last known location was Canada.

Jonny’s relationship with his now former band Dance Gavin Dance is now nearly depleted or nonexistent. Despite repeated attempts to obtain money from his bandmates, the band has resolved to assist him no more. DGD guitarist, Will Swan, has been reported by our source as saying things such as “Jonny’s out of his mind. I think he is insane.” This comes as no surprise, after all, Jonny has been on a fast track to complete derailment in the past several months. Even with constant support and from friends and colleagues, Craig has denied rehab and “refuses to listen to anyone.”

This information has come to us from a confirmed source and is undeniably disturbing. This once successful singer is spiraling out of control with no signs of stopping. He is desperate, alone, and wanted. In the past we have wished Jonny well and hoped that he finds recovery from his addictions. Is it now too late? Discuss in the comments.

The following clip may contain material some users find offensive.

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls curbside.audio home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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  • Dsds

    re upload the video to an other site like vimeo or upload it to mediafire please

  • Xzeedeex

    r.i.p. DGD<3

  • No

     DGD isn’t dead, moron.

  • nelleee

    i still love jonny no matter what, he’s just in a nad place right now.

  • No way the guy is slapping a phone out of my hand when I am the one who bailed him out of jail. Not sure why the source video taped various instances of him fucking up. Should’ve revoked his shit or called the cops. If he had OD’d in front of you, then it is on you.

  • Amber Sanchez

    dgd is better without jonny.

  • Mark Garza

    Can we please stop fighting about which side is better and resolve on hoping that Jonny gets cleaned up and in a better place please?

  • Thatkarmakid

    Jonny Craig reminds me a lot of Ronnie Radke before he got clean. We didn’t know all the juicy details about Ronnie’s problems because all we had then was Myspace. Maybe this dude needs to go to prison.

  • Thetruthhurts

    The anonymous source in this story is from my hometown Durant, OK. I find it really messed up because they rode the Johnny Craig Train until they couldn’t get anything out of it anymore. All is true what they are saying because they told tons of people around town and showed the exact videos displayed, there are even more videos i believe. What they didnt mention was the guy video (Chase Theodes) taping in the Hotel room, was in Baltimore, Maryland doing Heroin with Johnny at that exact table. They are in a band called “Aerolyn” and they hired Johnny to do guest vocals, he came out to Baltimore when they were recording with Paul Levitt and they leached onto him hoping to gain success with their band. They sat and watched how he acted the brief time he was in Baltimore and knew exactly how he behaved, just as any other drug addict would. Now after all of this they sale him out and put up clips while they were secretly recording him because he has nothing to offer their band anymore?!?! Johnny himself knew he looked horrible from all the drugs and told them not to video tape him (As you can see in this video he gets pissed and slams his hand into the camera phone Chase is using.) Really really fucked up in my eyes, and they dont even have the balls to man up keeping their identity a mystery. Why would they go along with something for so long, MONTHS, if they knew he was a train wreck. i quote Chris Hollis, “After meeting Johnny in Baltimore, Im honestly afraid he is going to die!” They bailed him out of jail, sat in a hotel room and did heroin with him? Flew him all over the country as well hosted him a place to stay and for what reason? Im impartial to Johnny Craig to be honest, but his life is his life no matter how famous or big he is, but since Chase Theodes and Chris Hollis of Aerolyn cant get a hold of him because his substance abuse problem or cant reap any benefits, now they turn the tables and put this story out. Good Luck Aerolyn.

    you can hear the guest vocal track Johnny did at this site.
    to my knowledge its the only guest vox he has done in awhile,
    and may be the last Johnny Craig recordings to come.

  • Goveatania

    nah hes got a good voice

  • austin

    Nobody forced johnny to shoot up. Its nobodys fault but his own.

  • Brad

    I like how everyones all “Omg but he still sings so amazing<3" wtf. are you people sick? People need to stop using his voice to justify all the shitty stuff he's done. It's hard for me to say that I'm a supporter of his music because I have not seen him appreciate ONE fan that has ever crossed his path. (maybe it was just a coincidence at the FIVE shows I've been to) But I do enjoy his music. And I'm sure he's not like that to everyone, but I hope for the sake of his future he gets the help he needs. Good luck.

  • Blangblang

    This is very sad, such a talented singer. Sometimes being a friend means doing the most drastic thing for them.  I would drag him to the authorities and  get him the help that he needs. There comes a point where intervention IS the only option, and he shot his last hopes of self recovery into his veins.

  • Andi

    I have met him multiple time and he has always been chill. I have never once been disappointed by him, ever. In fact I have grown to respect him each time.

  • Fuckyeah

    That’s a lie you band whore

  • dick smack mcgee

    jonny craig is a dick smoker

  • Poopop

    I think Johnny really needs help, I think we can still help him. He was so fucking wonderful and successful and to see his life spirialing down like this is so fucking sad, I wish we could help but he refuses. I don’t want to see him like how he is… He’s a good man I know it, someone just needs to put him in rehab.