Friend and Sister of Jonny Craig Comment on the Singer’s Situation


Things are winding down with the various Jonny Craig related updates, but we’ve got a few more testimonies to give before the information well runs dry.

Today, Jonny posted a disturbing Facebook status reading simply, “I give up.” This came after a studio partner of Jonny commented on the official Diamond Monroe Facebook page about the events transpiring in today’s accounts of Jonny’s status. Here is that update from producer Darz Davie:

“Hello everybody this is Davie
I know you guys have been stoked about Jonnys near future, tours and upcoming solo album.. I’ve been making the album, trying to help him out with his personal issues and arranging everything to make the return of JC something special. 

Jonny has experienced many personal problems in the past few months involving relationships and family stuff and I tell you guys it’s hard to keep yourself away from drugs when your whole personal life becomes a nightmare and you feel rejected by the people you love and care the most.

He found the cure in the wrong thing.. and if you guys keep giving him bullshit, It won’t let him find the cure in music again. Jonny needs time for himself and rehab it’s a thing that takes more than 2 weeks.

We had plenty of big things planned and we will still be working on them but the aim now is to keep him clean and ”head towards the light”. Now we will focus on Jonnys health because first and foremost we dont want Jonny to work under a very unhealthy condition.”

The comments of this post are even more interesting. It appears that Jonny not only screwed over our source from last night’s post, but also a European band called Marina. We have reached out to the band to inquire about their particular situation. Davie commented further within the responses by stating “Im afraid you wont see him in DGD anymore nor hearing about him in a long time.” This conflicts with a statement given by Dance Gavin Dance earlier today.

This post also received our first public word from a family member of Jonny Craig. His sister gave her view of his addiction in this statement to his fans:

“Im his sister and I have never given up on him. My whole family, mother, father and other sister and I have been nothing but sick over this whole situation. I’ve loved him and been there for him my entire life and I will continue to do so for as long as I can keep him alive for. My family is devestated beyond belief. He needs serious help, and all you people talking shit don’t understand this is a diesease and he didn’t ask to be addicted to very addictive and harmful drugs. We’ve all known someone who drugs have affected so next time you open your mouth to bring him down and talk shit, remember this is someones son, brother, and best friend. For all you REAL fans, please understand that he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone just so far into his addiction that its all cares about. Its not the real Jonny, and if anyone knows that its me. I love you Jonathan Monroe Craig more than anything in this whole world and I will never give up on you, even when you give up on yourself and I will fight for you when you don’t have the strength to fight for yourself. ♥”

It appears that the singer is not as alone as he thinks he is. We hope that Jonny can recover from his addictions and accept the help his friends and family are so desperate to give him. The pain and grief this mans family are going through can not be easy. We ask that our readers be respectful of their situation and not to make it any more difficult for them as it has to be.

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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  • Christian

    This makes me so sad. I’ve been a DGD/Emarosa/JC fan since I was 15. I’ve covered so many of their songs. I hope to God that Jonny gets better. Addiction isn’t something to fuck around with. Heroin is a gnarly fucking drug. Get better bro. Tryin to stay positive…maybe your experiences with this shit will lead to some awesome songs.

  • shikari4

    Really tough at the moment for him. Sick of people saying “if i had that talent i wouldn’t throw it away” and all the other crap these idiots say. Those people aren’t him, and do not have a clue even in the slightest how difficult it must be to stay away from that stuff. It’s clear he isn’t and hasn’t been acting well or okay and people just try to jump on the bandwagon and insult him without considering just what state he’s even in.

     Also strange that DGD themselves say Jonny is still in the band and that they’re supporting him yet so many of these sites immediately claimed he had been kicked out of DGD again.

    Whatever the case, he needs to be away from all of this attention and attack. Out of the spotlight for a while and to recover slowly. People might miss his music if he’s absent for a long time but it’s the best way to get him healthy. Which is what matters.

  • Shoopdawhooptino

    My ass hurts

  • Josh Mcdonell

    I honestly hope that he can accept the help of the people who care about him and stay away from all the negativity that’s swirling around to situation. Music definitely does not need to be his focus right now, I pray that people can be respectful of this horrible situation and support him in whatever way they can

  • k

    maybe we could support him by sending him money for a macbook

  • Adtangw6

    “all you people talking shidon’t understand this is a diesease and he didn’t asto be addicted to very addictive and harmful drugs.”

    You’re right, a bunch a mean old junkies held him down and stuck needles in him until it was too late! He’s not to blame for his own actions, just like he’s not to blame for his Twitter account getting “hacked”.

    I understand that there are people who love him, but the reality is he needs to see what he has become. Only when he sees the disgusting mess he’s wasted himself on by drug abuse and lying to his supporters will he see that he has to change himself. Stop acting like he needs to be sheltered from reality.

  • did you get nothing out of this? lying, faking emails, and becoming a different person is all part of becoming a heroin addict. it’s easy for you to say he needs to face reality, but the truth is addiction is a horrible disease. i got to a recovery center and i’m surrounded by recovering heroine addicts, so maybe you need to face reality and see that it’s not as easy as you think snapping out of this whole mess. 

  • Adtangw6

    Actually as a psych major, I understand it on a well enough level to confidently say the blame only rests with himself. He was the one who did this to himself. He has to drag himself out. No amount of pity from the little fans is going to do anything but comfort himself.into going back to the drugs.

  • i don’t care if you majored in psych, from an intellectual standpoint sure, he’s gotta drag himself out, but being addicted to the most dangerous drug in the world is more detrimental than you think. don’t be so quick to judge him, he might be an idiot for the things he’s doing/done, but at this point it’s necessary for support, regardless of how much “comfort” you might think it’s bringing him. he’s sick. once he goes into rehab things will get better. your psychology books and courses can’t match the experience and feeling that goes with actually going through addiction and knowing crystal meth addicts, so don’t bother over rationalizing things you don’t really have a clue about.

  • Surfer Taylor

     @adtangw6, psych majors are pussies. I majored in neuro science and biochemistry, and yes addiction is a disease

  • Musicians that had no past, no hardship, nor heartache, would NEVER make it in the industry!! What makes Jonny such an amazing musician, is his tormented soul! Nobody knows as much as they claim to know about him. Remember, it is a Medical Fact that addiction is an illness, we still feel sad for those sucked up anorexics, right?? Jonny, I hope that you continue to sing and  perform, thats what you were put here to do! Nothing anyone could ever say about you can take away the raw & beautiful talent that you posess!!! Fuck all the haters, they better love you or shut their fucking cake holes!!! I love you….your bad boy image, your smart ass mouth, but most of all, your angelic voice!! You take care of yourself…you know where to find me if you need me!~

  • elly

    I´ve been addicted for decades and still struggeling.
    This damned  shit will stay at your side a whole lifetime … waiting to catch you by the balls when you´re getting depressed, stressed and weak.

    Addiction is a goddamn thing, NO ADDICT does it “for fun”.
    Maybe it´s better for him to quit music buisness … where hard drugs are everywhere, waiting for you to relaspe.

    All you need to get by is a stable relationship and the love of your family (when you are lucky to have one)