BREAKING: Jonny Craig No Longer Making Music, Claims His Career Is Over [UPDATED]


The world chewed up and spit out Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig earlier this week, and it seems Jonny has finally reached his breaking point.

Earlier tonight, Jonny took to this personal Facebook to announce he is moving on in life. In a status update, Craig wrote:

Im no longer gonna be making music. i wont change my mind so just leave me alone. i give up.

This status was followed just a few minutes later with the update:


Craig made headlines earlier this week after a source desiring to remain anonymous released photos and video of Craig using/abusing heroin. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but he did recently mention the idea of traveling to Chicago for a jam session with friends. We will keep you updated as this story develops.

UPDATE 1: Jonny claims he is joking. In a recently posted status, Craig wrote:

Im just playing around hahaha i wanted to see how fast the shit would be posted on all the sites hahahaha OF course im not quitting music im recording new songs a few demos this week hopfully. I guess im also looking for a new manager since mine wont get back to me. so anyone interested listen to my new stuff ill be putting out and lets get to work.

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  • Ilovejonnycraig4

    fuck my life :( i never got to see jonny live

  • Jesse

    It was shit. You didn’t miss much

    His voice isn’t like it used to be, it sounded horse and like shit

  • dafuck?

    what a pretentious asshole….

  • brittany

    asdoijgkgnbaoasdgiuhjnf what?! Jonny can’t do thatttt ):

  • Tr0pheyCh1ld

    Jonny doesn’t deserve anything he gets. He has so much talent and has so much potential but he abuses it and is an asshole. Fuck him

  • Thetruthhurts

    The anonymous source in this story is from my hometown Durant, OK. I
    find it really messed up because they rode the Johnny Craig Train until
    they couldn’t get anything out of it anymore. All is true what they are
    saying because they told tons of people around town and showed the
    exact videos displayed, there are even more videos i believe. What they
    didnt mention was the guy video (Chase Theodes) taping in the Hotel
    room, was in Baltimore, Maryland doing Heroin with Johnny at that exact
    table. They are in a band called “Aerolyn” and they hired Johnny to do
    guest vocals, he came out to Baltimore when they were recording with
    Paul Levitt and they leached onto him hoping to gain success with their
    band. They sat and watched how he acted the brief time he was in
    Baltimore and knew exactly how he behaved, just as any other drug
    addict would. Now after all of this they sale him out and put up clips
    while they were secretly recording him because he has nothing to offer
    their band anymore?!?! Johnny himself knew he looked horrible from all
    the drugs and told them not to video tape him (As you can see in this
    video he gets pissed and slams his hand into the camera phone Chase is
    using.) Really really fucked up in my eyes, and they dont even have the
    balls to man up keeping their identity a mystery. Why would they go
    along with something for so long, MONTHS, if they knew he was a train
    wreck. i quote Chris Hollis, “After meeting Johnny in Baltimore, Im
    honestly afraid he is going to die!” They bailed him out of jail, sat
    in a hotel room and did heroin with him? Flew him all over the country
    as well hosted him a place to stay and for what reason? Im impartial to
    Johnny Craig to be honest, but his life is his life no matter how
    famous or big he is, but since Chase Theodes and Chris Hollis of
    Aerolyn cant get a hold of him because his substance abuse problem or
    cant reap any benefits, now they turn the tables and put this story
    out. Good Luck Aerolyn.
    you can hear the guest vocal track Johnny did at this site.
    to my knowledge its the only guest vox he has done in awhile,
    and may be the last Johnny Craig recordings to come. 

  • KayLea

    If he quits.. I will cry him a river.

  • Steph4567890

    People saying he’s a dick and doesn’t deserve fame, look maybe jonny is but who are you to say, we even don’t know the guy! and what he’s been through… why so much drama on his personality and what he does with himself, nobody lifes should be to please others…  I hope jonny gets over his addictions and problems.. I enjoy his music a lot but he isn’t just somebody placed on this earth to please you all and provide music. Just saying, someone of you obviously have no experience the real world.