HORSE the band have made their impact in the metal scene for over a decade with their original “Nintendocore” sound, raucous live shows, and eccentric cast of characters. They are one of the most “do-it-yourself” bands out there which became very clear after arranging (with help from fans) and funding their own “Earth Tour” in early 2008 in which they played 45 countries in 90 days. After spanning the entire world on the “Earth Tour” with no support from any other bands, they spent three years creating a 10 hour, roughly edited video of the entire tour which they consider to be “the most honest look at touring ever created.” The “film” was not accepted by the South By Southwest music and film festival.

UTG had the chance to speak with the band in their off-time about the “Earth Tour”, fracases with fans, and whether we can except anything new from the band this year. Please read through and get the scoop on HORSE the band.

What was one of the scariest moments from your Earth Tour?
I’m sure everyone had different experiences, but getting lost in Moldova along the Transnistrian border was rough. We were in a dilapidated old van from Hungary on dirt roads that no map or GPS recorded. We had a brief run in with the military who were all carrying grenade launchers and didn’t want us crossing into the ‘renegade state’. Could have gone sour easy.

What was it like playing your first regular show in the US in nearly two years?
Felt great. Triumphant return.

Have you guys been working on a new album since Desperate Living?
No. Ideas come and build but nothing really announcable coming together yet.

What has the band been doing in your off time?
Erik works recruitment at Soundcloud in Berlin. David does programming for Amazon.com in Los Angeles. Nathan owns a toy store and plays drums in a band called Fun Club, and Daniel and Jeremiah are in Silver Snakes and Polygraph, respectively. Everyone has been trying to live life and pay off debts. You know, humanity.

How does the HTB writing process take shape?
Dave and Erik usually compose fragments and ideas separately then come together to fine tune compositional bugs. They give Daniel and Jeremiah hard outlines on their parts then Nathan travels to Pericol Plausters and comes back with the songs lyrics.

Nathan seems to get into quite a few altercations with fans at shows. Has this ever caused any real problems for the band?
Nathan is funny. His humor is beyond most people. He despises rock singer convention. No pump ups. No “we love you’s”. The kids love him. He has burned bridges but it’s usually the other party’s fault for being vain or expecting him to have ‘social skills’.

Do you guys watch a lot of David Lynch movies?
We all love them but Nathan is inspired by them.

It seems like a lot of fans seem to think that the band is hostile and ungrateful toward them at shows. How do you feel about this?
That isn’t true. If anything, the younger, more sensitive fans may feel uncomfortable by HTB because we don’t cater to telling everyone how awesome they are or giving them gratuitous appreciation for coming. If they want solid customer service they can head to the local mall. HTB are just humans who play music. We aren’t trying to sell ourselves. Like us as the flawed humans we are, or don’t. We aren’t going to sell an illusion then shit talk later like every other band. We’re just fucking honest.

What’s the next big goal for Horse the Band?
We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves still but none to reveal yet.

Written and conducted by: Brian Leak

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