MUSIC VIDEO: 50 Cent ft. Kidd Kidd – Shooting Guns

50 Cent 2012

50 Cent is back with a brand new music video today and it is packed with action. He dropped his most recent track for “Shooting Guns,” featuring rapper Kidd Kidd, that shows some classic moments of 50 carrying his gun around and making some deals on the street. This is truly nothing out of the ordinary for this rappers’ usual tough-guy image.

The Big 10 was released last year and 50 has released videos for a large majority of the tracks. Please take this song for a spin and let Under The Gun know what you think by commenting.

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  • 2ysur2ysub

    He’s appealing to his base.  As for me, it’s a bit juvenile and the beat isn’t all that riveting.
    Cursing doesn’t make a video hot. You’re rich, dude, but grow up…. I’d hide this one. 

  • S208102106

    g uniiiiiiiit