MUSIC VIDEO: Jason Mraz – “I Won’t Give Up”

Jason Mraz - 2012

Today is a good day. Today is the day that Jason Mraz has bequeathed unto us his video accompaniment for his latest single “I Won’t Give Up.”

CAUTION: This video may provoke thought. While that shouldn’t be much of a surprise for most fans of Jason’s work, this video may pack an emotional punch for some viewers.

On an unrelated note, Jason Mraz is looking rather “Weird Al”-esque, amiright? The long-hair-don’t-care look is a departure from the clean-cut baseball hat sporting I grew so familiar with in the early 2000’s. I suppose a lot of hippy has emerged since then, so it’s time to adjust. Jason’s new album Love Is A Four Letter Word is arriving April 17, 2012.

For those who have yet to hear Mraz’ latest lullaby, we’ve got the brand new music video inside for you to watch right here and now. Enjoy.

Jacob Tender

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