SINGLE REVIEW: M. Ward – Primitive Girl

m ward

Artist: M. Ward
Song: Primitive Girl
Genre: Indie/Pop
Album: A Wasteland Companion

Earlier this week, Merge Records recording artist M. Ward released the latest single off his highly-anticipated new album, A Wasteland Companion. Brimming with pop sensibilities and indie heart, the song quickly spread across the internet, sparking conversations and igniting anticipation for the record’s April 10 release date. In case you missed the song until now, you can stream “Primitive Girl” below:

As with every new single that comes our way, we spun the record around the UTG offices and gave everyone a chance to chime in with their thoughts on “Primitive Girl.” You can read thoughts and critiques from UTG staffers below:

‎”Regardless of the fact that it is a somewhat unpopular vote, I have always been of the opinion that M. Ward was the vintage to Zooey Daschanel’s thrift Store. Ward seems to confirm this theory, conjuring up particles of dust from old records by The Bangles and Traveling Wilburys to create a catchy and carefree single. Honestly, if Primitive Girl is any indication of what direction Ward is pointing his new album, you can put me down to purchase at least two. Great opening cut.” – Josh Hammond (Twitter)

“This song sounds like something out of a 80’s teen movie, but in a good way. Catchy, great vocals. Enjoyable listen, but nothing that’s going to get a ton of replays on my iPod” – Tyler Osborne (Twitter)

“Having never been an avid M. Ward fan outside of his contributions to Monsters Of Folk, I approached “Primitive Girl” with no real idea of what to expect other than something one or two exes referred to as “God-like.” After a couple of spins, I can say with no hesitation that I wholeheartedly plan to pickup a copy of “A Wasteland Compilation” if the remaining tracks are even mildly as well arranged as this gem. Catchy and subdued, but neither to the point of boredom. This is great, well-crafted indie pop.” – James Shotwell (Twitter)

“I loved Monsters Of Folk, so I was anxious to see what M. Ward was planning to unveil to us all. This tune is definitely bright and uplifting, something I could play on a summer drive. “Primitive Girl” is a fresh new song with a well-crafted direction.” – Grant Trimboli (Twitter)

“After listening to this track four, five times in a row; I have been trying to figure out what made me keep coming back. And what I have come up with is that the stripped down instrumentation-highlighting simplistic, bouncy piano chords-and Ward’s vaguely Morrissey-esque vocals imbue the track with this timeless indie-pop quality.” – Ethan Merrick (Twitter)

Do you agree with us? Comment below and leave us your thoughts on M. Ward’s latest!

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