UTG INTERVIEW: Closure In Moscow


Besides a select few dates played in the past year, Closure In Moscow have been relatively silent since the release of their last studio album in 2009.

UTG had the opportunity to speak briefly with guitarist Mansur Zennelli about what we can expect from them this year, the end of the world, and working with Jonny Craig. Please read through and get some updates from Closure In Moscow!

It’s been nearly three years since First Temple was released. Can the world expect new material from Closure this year?
Most definitely, the last three years have been a whirlwind of tours and good times off First Temple. We are super excited to be heading into the studio for our sophomore album to do it all over again.

What are some important influences that go into your writing process?
We try to keep a no holds barred approach to writing, no matter how whacky it’s going we just stick with it to see where it will end up. I would say that feel is the most important thing to us. Once we can groove to it then all of our combined influences come out.

What have you been listening to lately?
A lot of drum ‘n’ bass by Calibre, Zappa, and the new Mixalis Hatzianis album.

What’s a typical day in Australia like for the band?
The same as a typical day in America, only more kangaroos.

If the world ends this year, will the band survive?
We all have our own expertise when it comes to armageddon; I am personally well versed in zombie apocalypse, so if that goes down, I will rise to save my brethren. We will survive.

How would you describe a Closure in Moscow live show?
Vibrations into gyrations of sweat and savour.

Any touring plans this year?
This year is a big one for us; we are planning on hitting the states, Japan, UK/Europe and Australia for some headlining tours. We also plan on climbing Mt. Fuji this time around.

How was working with Jonny Craig as studio musicians for his solo record?
We’ve known Jonny for a while so it was sweet to work on his album. Due to touring schedules we mainly worked with the guys that wrote it. Kris Crummett and Steven Wade.

What’s the next big goal for Closure in Moscow?
Besides surviving the zombie apocalypse of 2012? Seeing and playing as much of the world as possible and meeting a lot of sweet and interesting people in the process.

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