Artist: I See Stars
Song: NZT48
Album: Digital Renegade
Label: Sumerian

Still three weeks from street date, the third album from Michigan’s I See Stars is already one of the most talked about albums on the blogosphere. The commotion began with the January debut of “Filth Friends Unite,” which proved ISS had a lot more up their sleeve than most believed, and now continues with the release of second song from the album, “NZT48.” For those of you who missed the premiere, or even if you simply need another listen, click the video and enjoy:

As with every new single that comes our way, we spun the record around the UTG offices and gave everyone a chance to chime in with their thoughts on “NZT48.” You can read thoughts and critiques from UTG staffers below:

“Coupled with the intensity wrought by “Filth Friends Unite,” “NZT48″ has completely reestablished my faith in I See Stars. The balance of electronic and hardcore elements I looked for on the End Of the World Party seems to finally have been found. With that, I expect major success from Digital Renegade.” – Jacob Tender (Twitter)

“If “Filth Friends Unite” was the song that restored fans’ faith in I See Stars, “NZT48” is the Batman-referencing breakdown fest that deserves to propel ISS to the forefront of their scene. I have no doubt Digital Renegade will be their finest effort to date (even though I strongly dislike the album art and need an explanation ASAP).” – James Shotwell (Twitter)

“Thrilling track. It’s visceral, aggressive, with a bleak and sinister undertone. It’s an impressively nuanced song from a band hinting more and more at greatness.” – Grace Duffy (Twitter)

“NZT48” continues to add gas to the fire of excitement ignited by “Filth Friends Unite.” ISS are clearly pushing themselves to write catchier, more anthemic material, and singles like “NZT48″ make it clear that they are back (with vengeance).” – Grant Trimboli (Twitter)

“For a yelling band I oddly do not hate this nearly as much many other things, which, in itself, makes my head e-plode!” – Josh Hammond (Twitter)

“I MUST SAY, that I have been a fan from the beginning. Not a huge fan, and while I was a little disappointed with their last album I was willing to check them out again. This is easily my favorite single to date, it’s heavy, catchy and well put together. I’m not sure what the big deal is with lyric videos lately but aside from that I am very excited to hear more of I See Stars’ brain child.” – Kriston McConnell (Twitter)

“Simply put this song is electric sex. The artful blend of; electronic effects, thunderous bass, clean and rough vocals makes “NZT48″ stand out from all of their peers in the genre.” – Ethan Merrick (Twitter)

Do you agree with us? Comment below and leave us your thoughts on I See Stars’ latest!

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  • wdewitt11

    this album will be a new beginning for ISS! Thank god because EOTW was atrocious!